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March 10, 2016

Breathing Life Back Into Retro Games With VR Technology

At Yeti, we build a lot of digital products for businesses. We’ve crafted complex analytics applications, weather crowdsourcing software, and career services platforms. 

But working on Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go brought out our fun side, and we’ve recently been working on another game prototype: a virtual reality game called Tiny Eye, inspired by a classic childhood game.

March 07, 2016

Emoji Ticker: An Adventure in Hardware Prototyping

The Project: A few weeks ago, I was put on perhaps the most fun internal project anyone has ever been given in the history of Yeti. The goal? Create an LED ticker that would flash emoji in response to people posting emoji-linked excuses on one of our apps, Chelsea Handler’s Gotta Go! If you’re unfamiliar with this app, the gist is that you can set an “excuse” consisting of texts or phone calls that your phone can pester you with later at a set time.

January 28, 2016

Lessons From Launching Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go

With launching any new project, a variety of insights and lessons are learned on both the technical and business end of things. It was certainly no exception when we launched the Gotta Go app in collaboration with famous comedian Chelsea Handler. When launching an application we typically gain users organically and scaling issues are managed over time as the user base grows. With Chelsea Handler’s Gotta Go, it was a unique situation because we immediately had thousands of people downloading and using the app, after it’s debut on Netflix.

December 30, 2015

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Developers

For product developers, it's important to think about ways to improve your professional performance and personal well-being alike in the coming year. Whether you're a junior developer or you have years of experience already, it's important to tune in to the world around you and work on ways to improve your own skills and enhance the greater developer community. Here are a few suggestions:

October 22, 2015

Software Consulting: What's In a Code Audit?

Code audits can help teams to determine how well a product functions across a wide variety of use cases, and can help ensure the health and stability of the product.