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Conference / Meetup

November 16, 2012

San Francisco Developer Meetups

The tech scene in San Francisco has a vibrant and visible community. The community holds several meetups every week, often more than one meetup in any given night. These meetups range from business entrepreneurship to software engineering tools. For argument's sake, we can organize these meetups into three categories: lecture, booth, or freeform.

March 18, 2012

Yeti Goes to PyCon 2012

Yeti's development team attended PyCon this past week in Santa Clara, CA. PyCon is a development focused conference for the Python programming language. We have a dedication to Python here at Yeti since it powers the Yeti system's cloud based server logic and web platform using the Django framework. The team attended several classes at the beginning of PyCon such as Advanced Python Techniques and Django in Depth taught by Raymond Hettinger and James Bennett respectively. Both instructors were great and extremely informative!