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San Francisco

March 26, 2014

San Francisco Django Meetup Recap (#1 - #4)

Since June of 2013, Yeti and myself have been organizing the San Francisco Django Meetup Group. We've had eight gatherings with speakers and lightning talks as well as several happy hours. I was told by a colleague at Yeti that it might be a good idea to review each meetup after it happens and provide links or resources to slides, videos, repos, etc related to the event. So here I am, inspired, to do a recap of all of the talks we've had so far and going forward will do one for each event hereafter.

October 28, 2013

Skate Break

Last Friday, after a day of redesigning proposals, working on pitches and scraping paint off the wall, the Yeti and I hit the neighborhood for a much needed breath of fresh air.