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Django 1.7 And You

May 09, 2014

At the latest SF Django Meetup on April 30th we had Andrew Godwin, a core django developer and release manager for Django 1.7, come talk to us. He gave us a great talk on the next release of django and what's new that we should be on the lookout for.

The major point of the talk, and subsequently the Django 1.7 release, was migrations moving it django core. As most django developers are probably aware of, Andrew Godwin's widely popular database migration library, South, is being reworked from the ground up and placed into django core. This will help fill one of the biggest gaps in django compared to its competitor frameworks.

Another important, but less visible, improvement in Django 1.7 is the application framework. In this release, apps will now be full on App objects, which is laying the ground work for much larger and needed improvements with settings in the future.

Before the talk, we also had two great lightning talks by Randall Degges and Venkata Subramanian Mahalingam. The short version of Randall's talk was that if you're using Django's user authentication, you should use bcrypt as your password hashing algorithm of choice for security. Venkata showed us his work on Django Rest Framework and being able to ask the API to only return certain fields of the object you're retrieving. Venkata would like to get his work tidied up into a pull request to submit to Django Rest Framework, so feel free to reach out to him if you're interested in helping.

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Django 1.7 And You
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