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Programming an Autonomous 20 Foot Blimp with Python

June 05, 2014

At last week's meetup on May 28th, Scott Lobdell rehashed his PyCon talk to us on programming an autonomous blimp with Python. Scott, a repeat Django meetup speaker, gave another great and unique talk

Scott first brought us through some of the fundamentals of how a blimp works and what his code needed to account for when flying it. We also got a walkthrough of the hardware components and sensors that his code had to interface with to make it happen.

Interestingly much of his code had to interface with C due to the hardware, so he used a tool called Boost, which made it simpler for his python code to reference C modules and vice versa.

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Adam Hitchcock also gave us a lightning talk on how to create your own linter. It is seemingly a bit hard to create your own linter, but with tutorials, examples, and some extension frameworks it seems like it is possible.


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Programming an Autonomous 20 Foot Blimp with Python
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