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SF Django Meetup: Surviving Transactions

October 20, 2014

In the last installment of the San Francisco Django Meetup Group we met at Splunk to hear Christophe Pettus (Core Django and PostreSQL developer) talk about database transaction with Django.

First, we had a great line up of lightning talks:

  1. Sebastien Mirolo talked to us about creating a multi-tiered website setup with Django - Blog Article
  2. Lukhnos Liu walked us through his plugin he created called civet, which helps compile sass and coffeescript files - Google Presentation
  3. Lucas Wiman showed what his company had done, to make sure Django templates fail fast instead so you can correct the issue quicker.
  4. JD from IUEditor gave us a walkthrough of his unique Django IDE, which allows you to drag and drop elements visually to create Django templates and plug in data - Website

Next, we had the main talk from Christophe. He gave us a deep dive into how database transactions work with Django and how Django has evolved over the past few releases to be smarter about them. We were walked through different tools and built-in Django constructs such as context managers and decorators that could help us manage database transactions in our code better. We also got some great advice on what we could do with our database configurations to help test for where there may be issues with our code's communication to the database. Checkout a recorded video of his talk from PyCon Australia 2014.

Meetup, YouTube Lecture

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SF Django Meetup: Surviving Transactions
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