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Tech Bellows of the Beast Vol. 2

December 03, 2012

Mozilla launches Facebook Messenger in Firefox

In a recent effort to propel the struggling internet browser, Mozilla has teamed up with Facebook to combine instant messaging directly to your web browser. Thus allowing the user to continue to engage with friends and family without being confined to the boundaries of the Facebook page itself. This latest move by Mozilla and Facebook has taken our daily social connection one step further; you can now chat with friends through Facebook while not being on Facebook. Where is the line drawn? When are we OVER connected with our social media? While this technology is great, maybe we should stick to Facebook chatting on Facebook and not everywhere we can possibly imagine. After all, you probably have the Facebook app on your smartphone anyway right?

POP - Prototyping on Paper

POP is the first iPhone application that allows you to take hand-drawn wireframes from sketches on paper directly to your smartphone. This is great right? Wait, it gets better. Not only does POP allow you to transfer your chicken scratch sketches to your iPhone, it allows you to add links to parts of your wireframe. POP allows you to take your wireframes from paper to a working model on an iPhone in minutes. Once uploaded to POP, you can share your wireframes with your coworkers and get feedback instantaneously. No longer do wireframes need to lay flat on paper, concepts can instantly be seen, but more importantly, be used and experienced before an app goes into production. This is great for those of us who still enjoy pen and paper, rather than going straight to a screen. These guys get TWO big thumbs up! Bravo.

Momentum Machines

Too many cooks in the kitchen? Your local burger shack is lacking consistency when you need it? Fret no more, San Francisco startup Momentum Machines is creating robots that make hamburgers. MM claims that the restaurant industry is the most labor-intensive industry in country, adding that their technology could potentially save $9 Billion in labor wages. MM's 5-star robotic chef can produce over 300 hamburgers an hour. Now, you may be thinking, what happens to the people who are working these jobs who get ousted by some assortment of bolts and gears? Well, MM suggests that by saving money on wages, restaurants would be able to spend more money on quality ingredients to give their customers the most healthy options possible. This is crazy, we love it, and can't wait to see if our next hamburger is created by some sort of robot that itself cannot use the product it creates. 

Little Printer

With the holidays right around the corner, we wanted to share one of our favorite gift ideas for your favorite tech obsessed friend: the Little Printer. Berg is the London based design shop producing these minrature sized printers which began shipping the product this past November. Little Printer allows you to stay up on news, find out where your friends are checking in on Foursquare, and even send and receive notes from yourself or others via your smartphone. The Little Printer has an on board wifi connection so all you need to do is plug and play! The telegram lives on in the form of a Little Printer on your desk. 

One Second Everyday

Would you like to have an app on your smartphone that encourages you to seize the day? An app that holds you accountable for making the most out of each and every day? A man in Brooklyn by the name of Cesar Kuriyama has poured the last 2 years of his life producing an app that allows you to capture a 1 second video clip of each day of your life. Why you ask? The app complies your daily 1 second videos turning a year of videos into a 6 minute video highlight real. If you started capturing these 1 second videos when you were 30, by the time you reached the age of 40, you would have a 1 hour long video of your 30s. As we continue to evolve in the digital realm, one thing will always remain true: people love to tell stories and share them with friends. This app allows for the continuation of storytelling in an ever increasingly digital world. Did we mention the UI and UX design is amazing? Awesome. 

Dikembe Mutombo Set to Save the World

Indie game designers sold out in style as Old Spice created an online game which features retired NBA center Dikembe Mutombo as the last line of defense before the Mayan calender counts down to zero on 12/21/12. Need we say more? 


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Tech Bellows of the Beast Vol. 2
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