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10 Ideas for Apple TV Apps

TVs aren’t living up to their potential. We give them a place of honor in our homes, purchase stands for them, mount them on walls and even orient our furniture to make them the center of focus. They have become big beautiful screens that capture our attention and our time, and as such should be used for much more than just binge watching old reruns of Star Trek.

For something that is so prominent and highly valued as televisions are in our lives, it’s disappointing that we tend to connect such limited computers to them. Right now television’s primary function is to collect media and spit it back at you. They can and should be doing so much more.

With that said, here are 10 ideas for creating Apple TV apps. We really just want to see some of them exist, so if you’re thinking of being an apple tv developer, please go ahead and build them! If you run product development or R&D at a company and feel inspired to build something great, let’s have a chat.