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7 Prototyping Tips to Launch Your Product Skyward

A business leader’s first obstacle to prototyping is not knowing what problem he or she wants to solve. When this is the case, the solution is simple — go back and review project objectives until you understand precisely what you want to test. The second challenge is not understanding whose problem the product solves.

The greatest invention with a poor market fit might be a revolutionary discovery, but it will flop at release. Get the prototype in front of the people who will eventually purchase the final design. If you don’t know who that is, start generally and narrow your sights until you find a niche clamoring for your product.

Almost no idea is perfect for the market without research and revision, so prototyping saves companies money and ultimately creates better products. Don’t end up with a failed product that could have succeeded. Follow the strategies in this slideshare to work through your prototype procedure the right way.