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Survey Report

The State Of Digital Product Innovation - 2017

In an effort to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities facing leaders in digital product innovation, Yeti conducted a survey during Q1 of 2017.

Through the results of the survey, Yeti hopes to help those who lead digital innovation projects to overcome key obstacles, identify strategic opportunities, better understand the competitive landscape, while also shedding light on how digital innovation can transform companies that embrace the future.

Request the free 35-page survey report to discover:

  • Top product development challenges for 2016 vs. 2017
  • Trends in new budget allocation for IoT, VR, AR, AI, Mobile Apps, and more
  • Common methodologies and timeframes for measuring ROI on digital innovations
  • Average durations between product launch cycles
  • Primary sources of innovation concepts
  • Adoption rates for agile vs. waterfall vs. hybrid
  • Trends in outsourcing digital product innovation
  • And much, much more!

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