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ReviewPoint is a state-of-the-art review generation solution that allows businesses of all sizes to automatically request online reviews from customers, manage and store customer contacts, track customer satisfaction and more.

Within ReviewPoint business owners have the ability to add customer contact information to the platform, which ReviewPoint uses to reach out and request reviews which will then be posted to various online review platforms.

Should the customer indicate they’d leave negative feedback, ReviewPoint will prompt the business owner to contact the customer to discuss solutions for improving their experience with the company.


Prior to their engagement with Yeti the ReviewPoint team had spent two years working with various development partners on bringing their incredible reputation management software to life. 

Though the plaform was nearly launch ready, the ReviewPoint team was looking for a bit of assistance from an experienced development partner to help bring the project over the finish line,  ensuring their users would be met with a great experience.

Our challenge in working with ReviewPoint was twofold. The initial challenge included assesing and stabilizing their large existing code base and re-writing strageic portions of the application’s code in a  more modern architecture and tech stack. 

Our secondary challenge was crafting a go-to-market plan for the platform, which included creating some of the platforms mission critical features such as  an integration with Google My Business.


Because our primary goal is to get ReviewPoint launch-ready, we decided to take an “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to much of the existing code. In cases where something was confusing-but-worked, code comments were added to help shine light on what was happening, but in general we avoided refactoring “just” for the sake of clarity.

Similarly, if something was broken on the existing PHP side but could be fixed relatively easily, we made those updates.

However, in cases where something was badly broken, needed significant reworking, or didn’t exist, we wrote it fresh in a more current and modern Node backend.

Post-launch, and as we grow more familiar with the intricacies of the project, we will continue to slowly migrate over functionality.

In addition to stabilizing ReviewPoint’s code, we created a feature that sends out optional email and SMS notifications whenever a customer interaction alert is triggered, as well as sending out periodic emails including the number of reviews generated within a specific time period by integrating with Google My Business.

This integration with Google My Business additionally enables ReviewPoint users to connect their business listings to the ReviewPoint platform, allowing them to receive real-time notifications of review activity. The integration makes it easy for business owners to both manage their Google review presence and respond to their customers quickly. This rapid response time and ease of use helps ReviewPoint’s users improve their businesses and their online review presence -- truly a winning combination!


In late 2021 we began work on a major redesign project with Reviewpoint. In reviewing the first iteration of the app's designs we identified several major opportunities for creating a more intuitive and seamless user experience. These included:

*Creating a consistent user experience across devices by developing a custom design system that adheres to the design principles for each device, and additionally creating design views for each device.

*Designing an app that is accessible to all through aligning with existing accessibility guidelines (WCAG).

*Providing users with consistent help and documentation through instructional text, informational tooltips, a global ‘help’ button that appears on each screen allowing them to contact their agent.

*Creating a more user friendly visual direction with an aesthetic rebrand more tailored to reviewpoints users.

*Creating a more personable experience through the use of more conversational copy throughout the application.

*Providing users with more intuitive navigation by creating a clear visual hierarchy throughout the app's content.

The Onboarding Experience

Because the onboarding experience is often a user's very first interaction with an application, we chose to begin our re-design project with this area of the app. Our goal was to create a “hand-held” experience that was simple, easy and trustworthy - ensuring that the user has the ability to complete the onboarding process without issue.

In order to achieve these goals, it was important that we create onboarding steps that are quick and easy to fill out. To determine which questions were absolutely necessary to include we interviewed the Reviewpoint team and researched industry best practices, allowing us to eliminate all unnecessary steps that may complicate and lengthen the process.

To help enhance the users experience on the onboarding process, we additionally added multiple new features, including:

*Tooltips that appear upon hover in areas where users may need a bit more instruction.

*A progress bar to let users know how far along they are in the onboarding process

*A Reviewpoint introduction video to help familiarize users with the application.

*A 24/7 help chatbot to assist users with any issues they may encounter.

*An option to skip through fields and areas that aren’t required for functionality

The new Reviewpoint onboarding experience is now live and getting great reviews! We’re currently continuing our redesign project with a navigation/menu revamp as well as an update to the review request flow and dashboard homepage. Stay tuned!


ReviewPoint has successfully re- launched, allowing them to bring on paying customers for the first time since their initial launch!

We are continuing our engagement with the ReviewPoint team and working on new features, a major site redesign, and continued improvement of the code - our next project being creating a better onboarding experience for new users. Stay tuned for updates !