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I Spy... Tiny Eye! A Mobile VR App for Everyone

May 10, 2016

Virtual Reality Goes Retro with Tiny Eye, a New App from the Creators of Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go

San Francisco, CA - May 10, 2016 - Today, San Francisco-based app maker Yeti introduced Tiny Eye, a retro-inspired, smartphone virtual reality game for everyone now available on iOS and Android. The 360-degree VR app is inspired by the classic childhood game, I-Spy, and was conceived as a way to make virtual reality accessible to anyone, with or without a headset.

“Our goal was to create something that was casual and accessible yet fun and engaging,” said Yeti President and Founding Partner, Tony Scherba. “Virtual reality is usually about intense immersive experiences, we built Tiny Eye to be what Angry Birds was for mobile or Farmville was for Facebook games. Something bite-sized and enjoyable that anyone can pick up, play and come back to again and again.”

Players enter a tiny world of figures and scenes to find lost treasures and toys hidden all around the immersive space in three miniature, handmade “packs”:

  • Battle Pack - Travel back in time to see pirates, dinosaurs, and knights duke it out. 
  • Wheels and Wings Pack - Get moving through worlds of planes, trains and automobiles. 
  • Wonders Pack - Experience amazing people, animals, and landmarks from around the world.

Tiny Eye is easy to access. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and decide whether to experience it with or without a headset. Players choosing to play without a headset simply move their phone to find the hidden objects and touch the screen to highlight the object and eliminate it from the list. If a player chooses to use a headset, they can use one of their own or purchase a Dodocase headset in the app. The hidden objects will change over time to allow players to come back to their favorite levels and experience Tiny Eye anew all over again.

“We built Tiny Eye as a throwback to one of our favorite games as a kid, and we hope it’ll be something that introduces more people to the magic of virtual reality,” added Scherba.

For more information on the making of Tiny Eye, check out Yeti’s blog post on Breathing Life Back Into Retro Games with VR Technology.

Download Tiny Eye for iOS

Download Tiny Eye for Android 

About Yeti LLC

Founded in 2010 by Tony Scherba and Rudy Mutter, Yeti is a collaborative product design and development studio that works with companies to bring their software product ideas to life. Clients include Google, PlayStation, AKQA, Qualcomm, MIT, and Westfield Shopping Centres. For more information, please visit

is a CEO + Founding Partner at Yeti. Tony has been developing software since high school and has worked on digital products for global brands such as Google, MIT, Qualcomm, Hershey’s, Britney Spears and Harmon/Kardon. Tony’s writing about innovation and technology has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post and Inc. At Yeti, Tony works on strategy, product design and day to day operations, hopping in and working with the development teams when needed. Follow Tony on Twitter.

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I Spy... Tiny Eye! A Mobile VR App for Everyone
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