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We build apps from whiteboard to launch.

Here's how we do it.


Yetis innovate. Bring us a problem and we’ll run it through our discovery process to understand users, goals, strategy, and a plan for success.

Research & Prototype

We distill an idea to its core value and build a working proof of concept. Prototyping validates our hypotheses against your target audience.

Design, Build, Test

Working in tight cycles with lots of collaboration between design and development, we move quickly to iterate on ideas until they are ready to fly.

Launch, Train, Support

We take great pleasure in seeing our clients soar! We love helping them build their own teams to continue growing the products we've created together.

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Featured Project

Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go

Stuck somewhere you don't want to be? Gotta Go to the rescue!

Yeti is proud to partner with forward thinking companies, both known and destined to be discovered.

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Lessons From Launching Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go

With launching any new project, a variety of insights and lessons are learned on both the technical and business end of things. It was certainly no exception when we launched the Gotta Go app in collaboration with famous comedian Chelsea Handler. When launching an application we typically gain users organically and scaling issues are managed over time as the user base grows. With Chelsea Handler’s Gotta Go, it was a unique situation because we immediately had thousands of people downloading and using the app, after it’s debut on Netflix. The app helps users create excuses to leave uncomfortable situations by sending them real text messages and phone calls from a contact they set-up in their phone’s contact list. By the end of two days, we were up to tens of thousands of users out of the gate... and still growing! The massive early traction the app received presented us with some unique opportunities and challenges, some of which are outlined in this post.