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Yeti collaborates with small teams poised for growth that care deeply about user experience and value a true development partner.

Success for us is delivering an impactful product and helping our partners build a highly effective team.

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connect devices, iot, iot development

Connected Devices

Our team has created seamless integrations between power meters, jewelry and even skateboards to web and mobile applications.

web app development, mobile app development

Web + Mobile Apps

Whether we're building data-driven B2B web apps or consumer mobile apps, we take a user-centered approach to building products that provide value to users and businesses.

Kiosk, kiosks, kiosk development, touchscreen, touchscreen development

Touchscreens + Kiosks

We've launched interactive digital kiosk displays that bring the power of the internet to physical spaces.

Chatbot, chatbots, chatbot development, artificial intelligence


We've made information more accessible by creating conversational interfaces that utilize Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Field Notes

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Made By "Agile" Teams

Agile has taken the world by storm. Once the secret weapon of the software development world, it’s recently become ​the​ buzzword in every industry imaginable - from marketing to medicine - everyone wants to jump on the agile train. Unfortunately, most teams using Agile processes are merely going through the motions and getting lackluster results.

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Take a Sneak Peek at Yeti's Daily Huddle Board!

When we added a Huddle meeting to our daily agenda, we saw our productivity and overall team happiness increase so much that we were motivated to design and build our own custom Huddle Board to help us keep our meetings running smoothly, and to allow us to track and record each of our teams daily and weekly progress. Take a look at the video bel...

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Align Your Team in Six Minutes a Day With a Daily Huddle

Here at Yeti we've discovered that one of the most effective leadership and management tools we have in our toolbelt is also the one that requires the least amount of time.

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Yeti Brand Promise

Choosing the right product development team can be difficult. It’s a significant investment and we know you put a lot of trust in whichever company you hire. We keep our partner’s trust by following through on these promises:

A product designed for your users
A product designed
for your users
On time and accurate estimation
On time and
accurate estimation
Transparent direct communication
Transparent direct