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Industry leaders partner with us to
bring legendary products to life.

The Journey

Building a product is an adventure, fortunately we've navigated that terrain before and we live for the thrill of guiding our clients through the product development process.

Impact Delivered

Work from our past adventures...

An innovative way to comfortably exit uncomfortable situations

  • iOS design
  • iOS development
  • branding
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A virtual reality hidden object game for all ages

  • VR
  • iOS
  • android
  • app design and development
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A mobile app that engages gamers on and off the console

  • Strategy
  • mobile app design
  • prototyping
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Our Clients

Yeti is proud to partner with forward thinking companies, both known and destined to be discovered.

Latest from the blog

Intro To Design Sprints: The Process Behind Legendary Products

The design sprint was pioneered by GV’s Jake Knapp, who recently published his methods in “Sprint,” a book about how nearly any design challenge can be solved in a week through rapid prototyping and user testing. So when Yeti first read Knapp’s blog posts detailing his design sprint methodology, we couldn’t wait to try it: The sprint felt like a...

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7 Prototyping Tips to Launch Your Product Skyward

Conducted in late 1972, the Apollo 17 mission is one of NASA’s greatest achievements. Not only was it the last manned mission to the moon, but it was also an astutely built lander that broke records for the longest manned lunar landing flight (and the longest time in lunar orbit). The lander was undoubtedly an engineering feat. The federal gover...

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360 Livestreaming with the Ricoh Theta

We had some time recently between projects to play with our shiny new Ricoh Theta, which we used to photograph the levels in our latest app, Tiny Eye. After a fun brainstorming session with some other Yetis (wherein we were mostly clueless as to the realistic capabilities of the Theta) about cool things we could do with it, we decided to start s...

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