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The Coffee Tasting

September 22, 2014

Recently a few of the Yeti's made a trip to a local coffee-shop, Sextant, for an afternoon jolt of energy. It is a hip place that just opended up close to 10th and Folsom in the SOMA district. The difference between this trip to the coffee shop and every other trip was we were involved in helping the owners pick out their next batch of coffee beans to offer at their shop. It was a really interesting experience and it sparked an idea that myself and one of our newest team-members, Amy, decided to pursue this past week. 

Something that we are always experimenting with at Yeti are new ways to do things. Whether that is in the digital space, in our workshop in the garage or finding our favorite way to brew coffee. This time we decided to focus on different ways to brew a cup of coffee and which way yeilded the best tasting coffee and overall experience. To complete this test, we brought in a few different home devices including the Aero Press, Bialetti's Mocha Express, our office Drip-coffee machine and a cold-brew kit. 

We used the same beans to have a constant in the experiment and used the appropriate grind to fit each different method of brewing a cup of coffee. We were tossing around the variables (acidity level, flavor, temperature, ease-of-use, etc.) and what we thought was going influence our decision but really we had no idea what method was going to come out on top.  

After we put our methods to the test and we did all of the tasting, we graded each method on a set of variables we identified before the experiment. Low and behold, the Aero-Press came out on top with low-acitidy, flavor that was very rich, a single-serving cup, easy-cleanup and overall a fun experience. Although it more hands-on and requires more output from the coffee-consumer, it was a fun process.  

Dont expect to make enough coffee for the entire office using the Aero-Press, but if you are looking for a good method to brew a single-cup of coffee on the weekends or while you are camping/outdoors, go with the Aero-Press. 

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The Coffee Tasting
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