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What is the importance of having Cross-Platform applications?

February 27, 2012

In Cross-Platform approaches (the “holy grail” of software development) the premise is that an application maker can design and create an application using a single language or tool set, and through “clicking a button” instantly deploy for a variety of platforms.

The pros of this approach have long been touted as the need to only maintain a single code base (or “project”) and have the ability to fix any problem immediately available for any platform. Another benefit has also been represented that this approach greatly reduces the cost of software development as the one code base requires less testing.

Cross-Platform applications can also make it extremely easy for users, with not much experience in maintaining a website, to maintain all platforms through a custom CMS (Content Management System). This benefits numerous business because it gives them the ability to allocate their budget towards the creation of the application, and have someone in-house maintain the websites content and add media when needed.

In the past, companies would hire separate developers who would create an IOS focused, Android focused, and Web focused applications for them. The upside to this is you have focused experts working on one facet of the project. However when you have someone specialize in one area, the result in maintaining the site can only be done by that single person. When you create cross-platform applications you have one person who can maintain the site through a CMS and have all changes instantly reflected across all platforms. This minimizes a majority of the post-production costs and makes the average individual capable of updating content and media on their respective site.

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What is the importance of having Cross-Platform applications?
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