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What Makes a First Rate Mobile App Development Company?

March 13, 2019

2018 was a blockbuster year for mobile in all kinds of ways: Global app downloads soared, consumer spend was up, and the average time spent in mobile apps also grew. In this truly mobile-first epoch, there has never been a better time to get into mobile. However, if you're a brand looking to choose a mobile app development company, the selection process can be very confusing. What are the characteristics you should be looking for when it comes to finding a development partner you can trust?

We set out to find the answers to these questions by scouring app industry award sites, directories, online sentiment, and reviews, as well as conversations on social media.  

Here's what we found:

1) Not Just a Mobile App Development Company

Almost all award-winning app development companies describe themselves as more than a straightforward development solution. Their teams represent mobile product specialists, made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds, who are invested in the projects they're involved in bringing to life. Each mobile app development company tended to be involved right from the start of the app ideation process, through to post-launch support, and ongoing iterative development.

2) They Know What Makes Them Unique

We also found that leading mobile app development agencies develop and communicate the key aspects that make them unique. By definition, these qualities change according to the brand in question; sometimes it's their style of working, the particular makeup of their teams, or where they place particular emphasis when it comes to approach. This blog post by Amalia Helen was originally posted on Appsee. Find the full article and Appsee's list of champion app development companies here.

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What Makes a First Rate Mobile App Development Company?
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