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Yeti Sounds: Vol. 1

November 07, 2014

Welcome to the first Yeti Sounds, a monthly review of all things audio heard in the Yeti cave.

Last month was huge for podcasting and radio storytelling. One of our favorite collectives of story driven radio shows, Radiotopia, just launched a kickstarter to "revolutionize storytelling" and change public radio as we know it. We’re relatively new fans of Radiotopia but we couldn’t be more excited for this. In order to spread the love we’ve put together a small collection of some of our favorite pieces from a few of the shows on Radiotopia. Think of it as a starter kit or if you’re a seasoned veteran, think of it as a best of mini-playlist.

Love + Radio

"Choir Boy"

In-depth, otherworldly-produced conversations exploring all of life’s gray areas on an eclectic range of subjects.


"Big Jim and Smokey Joe"

Stories about people we meet, the connections we make, the heartbreaks we suffer, the kindness we encounter, and the frightful moments when we discover we aren't even who we thought we were.

The Truth

"Eat Cake"

Dramatic short stories that combine great writing with authentic-feeling performances and rich sound design. “Movies for your ears” 

Benjamin Walker's
Theory of Everything

"1984 (the year not the book)"

Connecting the dots in a hyper-connected world, featuring conversations with philosophers, friends, and the occasional too-good-to-be-real guest.

99% Invisible


Podcast and radio broadcast about design, architecture, and the 99 percent invisible activity that shapes our world.

As fans of all of the programs on Radiotopia, we recommend heading over to their website to hear more. You can’t go wrong!

is a Yeti Alum. He takes pictures of people on couches, paints unflattering portraits of his coworkers, and gets excited about the future of human computer interaction. Follow Geoff on Twitter.

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Yeti Sounds: Vol. 1
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