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User Journey Map Template

The Yeti User Journey Map Template

Before completing the User Journey Map, you should make sure you have completed your user personas. Find that worksheet here

What is a User Journey Map?

User Journey Maps document the path and actions your typical user will take while using your product.

The value of a User Journey Map is that it documents the value your product will provide for its users. It goes beyond just the typical design process of wire framing and describes how someone will find and decide to interact with a product. It is critical for the success of a product for it to match the expectations user have for it.

Not all questions can or should be answered by a wireframe and it will save your development and design team serval cycles to hash it out early.  Additionally having a clear idea of this journey laid out will ensure the product you’re building fits within the journey of the people using it and no part is disjointed.

You’ll spend less time building features that may or may not be used.

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