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User Persona Template and Guide

The Yeti User Persona Template and Guide

What is a User Persona?

User Personas describe a generalized fictional character that is embodies the quintessential use case for your product. The user persona captures the intent of your users and the various factors that may contribute to their use of the product. A documented User Persona gets the whole team on the same page. >

Why should I bother with User Personas?

An extreme example: If a product is designed for a teenager girl in the US it will be very different from one designed for corporate insurance sales reps in Japan. The aesthetic, the language, the amount of options, everything will be different. To design a great product, gaining an understanding your users are paramount.

How Do I Create a User Persona?

Grab our User Persona Template to understand how to set up user personas as well as see some examples of both B2B and B2C completed personas. Then use the templates to walk through the development of your own, unique personas!

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