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Intro To Agile Development - A Crash Course

Product developers and development teams are constantly looking for more efficient ways to approach production. While a waterfall process has been widely adopted in the past, more and more teams are gravitating to agile development, which is a fresh & streamlined approach to project management and product development.

Watch this engaging video as Yeti's Co-Founder & EVP of Technical Development, Rudy Mutter provides a crash course on agile development, including key points such as:

  • What is agile development?
  • How does the agile process work?
  • Key differences between agile processes versus waterfall processes
  • The core benefits and advantages of the agile approach
  • How the agile approach helps to streamline communication
  • Who's in an agile team?
  • Why does it make sense to switch to an agile approach?
  • Why is Yeti agile?
  • ...and more...