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10 Tips for Rapidly Prototyping Digital Retail Innovations

The future of retail isn’t solely online. But it’s not exclusively in stores, either. It’s somewhere in between, just waiting to be explored and developed.

In the next few years, technologies like virtual and augmented reality will remake retail. Shoppers will try items virtually before they buy. Mobile beacons will deliver hyperpersonalized push notifications when customers enter stores and malls. Artificially intelligent chatbots will address questions and complaints in friendly, objective ways.

These technologies are establishing a crossroads. They’re giving forward-thinking brands the opportunity to take charge, create revolutionary experiences, and breathe life into ailing stores.

When the dust settles, winners won’t be chosen by price, market, or even online presence. No, they’ll be the companies using technology to transform the shopping experience. They’ll be the retailers planning and testing tomorrow’s innovations today with rapid prototyping.

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