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Staying Ahead of the Game with a Groundbreaking Cannabis App

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Caliva is the #1 trusted brand in the cannabis industry. With the largest vertically integrated business in California, Caliva is poised for even more rapid growth in the coming years.

Part of this growth will be a fully integrated suite of software products that facilitate operations and customer experience.

As Caliva expands, their groundbreaking mobile app will keep them ahead of the pack by being first in the industry to offer in-app cannabis purchasing.

In what will be an ongoing project, the Yeti team will be working with Caliva to create their fully integrated suite of software products, including their exciting new mobile application. 


When we began our engagement with Caliva it was illegal to purchase cannabis products through a mobile app throughout the United States. However, with more cannabis friendly politicians being elected in 2020 the Caliva team recognized the strong potential for the legality of in-app cannabis purchasing to change in their favor.

To help ensure that they would be well positioned once the legality of in-app cannabis purchasing changed, the Caliva team hoped to build out their e-commerce application, allowing them to remain ahead of the game. In the meantime, given the current legality, they hoped to provide their customers with an app that featured great functionality, while simultaneously building their presence in the app store. 


The first iteration of the Caliva App, pre in-app purchase legalization, provided users with the ability to track the cannabis orders they have placed on the Caliva website, while additionally serving as a marketing tool for Caliva by providing product information through blog articles, special offers listings and more.

Users who had placed a delivery order via the Caliva website would receive a text message containing a deep link to the mobile application. Clicking on this link brings up the Caliva App and opens the “Current Order” tab which includes the details of the order they just made.

The user then had the ability to track their delivery order in-app. We utilized OnFleet’s white label SDK to track the status of the delivery driver and to display information including an expected delivery time window and a map showing the drivers current location.

The user then received a text message once the delivery driver indicates n that they are nearby - this text message will link them back to the applications payment screen where they can confirm their payment and tip the driver. This screen comes from Hypur’s white label SDK and, similar to the OnFleet SDK, we’ve modified the styling so that it feels like part of a singular app experience.

Beyond the order and delivery tracking features of the app, we also created an editorial tab that contains a list of blog content that Caliva has created, coming from an API. When a user taps on one of these pieces of editorial content they are taken to a new screen to read the full post.

Additionally, Caliva currently has a referral system which appends a unique code to a URL so that users can share it with their friends to mutually earn credits. We’ve built an informational screen where users can copy this unique link so that they can share it on social media, text messages etc.

Similarly, Caliva is currently working on a loyalty program using Yotpo that gives customers points based on the number of dollars they spend online or in the dispensary. To help users keep track of their loyalty points we’ve created a screen in the account tab that displays their accumulated loyalty points as well as other Caliva Club benefits available to them.

In July of 2021, in-app purchasing of cannabis was legalized, and as Apple continues to loosen their restrictions on it's sale and purchase, Caliva is racing to be the first to market with a fully native experience.

Yeti has been working with Caliva to iterate daily on the current app which is now a hybrid of native and web view. Each week Yeti adds a new fully native feature to the app, including native login and profile, shopping cart, navigation/search, notifications, and customer support.

What remains will be the bread and butter of the app, and something that will distinguish Caliva from its competitors - and this includes Exclusive Drops, Discovery, electronic payment, and a Featured Products home page. For now, it is a race to design, implement, and make it through multiple rounds of intense scrutiny from Apple's review process so Caliva can make a real name for itself in the mobile cannabis industry.


The Caliva Mobile App has successfully launched! We're currently continuing our work on Caliva's fully integrated suite of software products, including exciting new mobile app features! Stay tuned for updates!