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Tiny Eye

A virtual reality hidden object game for all ages

  • VR
  • iOS
  • android
  • app design and development

Innovation runs in our blood and we love exploring fresh technologies. With newfound access to virtual reality via smartphones, we were excited to dive into a new realm of experiences with our VR app, Tiny Eye, inspired by the classic "I Spy" game from the '90s. Venturing into virtual reality was an exercise in creativity, improvisation, and collaboration for all design and development contributors. We loved building a dynamic, engaging product, as well as developing a systematic roadmap to leverage in future VR projects.


Introduce users to virtual reality using nostalgic and relatable content while learning to develop and design for VR with little documentation available.


Develop a fun smartphone app that lets users experience a childhood classic in a completely new way, creating a polished, delightful, and memorable experience for virtual reality enthusiasts everywhere.


An entertaining and polished smartphone VR app, easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone and a Mobile VR viewer. A flexible development cycle to approach other virtual reality projects.

Early test shots for Rally Car Racer and Sky High.

An early look at the Rally Car Racer level from Tiny Eye.

Evan McEldowney testing out the Sky High level concept before putting it into production.

9 Hours setting up and taking down a scene, 360 Minutes Editing and prepping a level, 9 Levels placed custom by hand, and 5 Days total for just the levels.

The design team sketching early iconography for Tiny Eye.

Geoff facilitating critique on the Tiny Eye sketches and concepts.

Some of the first Tiny Eye name ideas and logo colors and concepts.

Macro shots of the Castle Crash setup.

Testing out placement of items in the Pirate Picnic level.

Mike Godlewski testing a level in real time with a Mobile VR Viewer.