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Build Sprints

Our build sprints are an iterative process where design and development continuously collaborate to build a great product and user experience. We'll construct a product roadmap by prioritizing the features that are essential to creating your product, and then tackle each section of the roadmap with a build sprint.

Rudy, Nick, and Baylee whiteboarding database design

What happens in a Build Sprint?

Sprint Planning

We kick off a sprint by getting the team (designers, developers, project managers, and product owners) aligned on which goals and expectations are slated to be accomplished during the sprint. 


Throughout the two week sprint, design and development work closely together to build out the next set of features. We keep the product owners in the loop with check-in meetings and project management tools.


To maintain great quality products, the designers, developers, and product owners review tasks as they're completed to make sure they meet the acceptance criteria.

User Testing

We conduct usability tests to make sure the product and the team are solving the right problem and creating a brilliant user experience.

Sprint Review

The team reconvenes at the end of the sprint to demo the features that have been completed and allow the product owner to give feedback. 

At the end of each build sprint, we review the product roadmap and clarify the next steps, either repeating the build, test, and iterate cycle with another sprint, or preparing the product for launch!

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