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Strategy Workshops

Our strategy workshops are an opportunity to take an idea and envision its path to impact. Most projects start with a strategy workshop where we define the idea, problem statement, user personas, competitive analysis, and metrics for success.

Winnie, Baylee, Rudy and Geoff strategizing on Basic Space's marketplace feature

Here's How We Do It

The Idea

Ideas are formed when a problem is observed and a solution is proposed. Share your idea with us and we’ll help you ask the critical questions and identify the opportunities to make it stronger.

Problem Statement

We frame all our engagements with this succinct statement which captures the problem, solution, and user. This will become the guiding light for your product and we’ll reference it often when making critical decisions.

User Personas

The number one reason products fail is poor product market fit. We help to identify and understand your users so we can be sure your product will be something your audience actually needs.

Competitive Analysis

Markets are crowded and there are lots of products out there. We help you to identify what your competition is doing right, wrong, and how we can differentiate.

Metrics for Success

What are your goals for the next two weeks, two months, two years? We’ll help you understand priorities and focus on a strategy to get your product from idea to impact.

The groundwork we lay in the strategy workshop is square one of the product design and development process. Once we’ve identified the problem we’re solving and who the users will be we can begin prototyping ideas and testing our assumptions with a Design Sprint!

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