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Hello Divorce is a first-of-its-kind DIY divorce application that allows individuals to complete the 20+ forms required to acquire a divorce in the state of California. It guides users through all the necessary steps and forms, and simplifies the process by using artificial intelligence and conditional logic to adapt to each individual.

Once a form is complete the users answers are transferred onto the pertinent official California divorce forms, which can then be printed along with a checklist and instructions on how to file them on their own.

Individuals can work at their own pace and, should they need help at any point, have the ability to access legal help from experienced lawyers and legal document assistants. Additionally, Hello Divorce provides resources for legal and emotional help at every step of the process.


Hello Divorce's static Wordpress site was overly complicated and difficult to navigate. Though it contained a great deal of valuable information, it was not easily accessible or navigable by the user.  Our challenge was to create a full, robust and user friendly version of the product, using as much of the existing website content as possible, while ensuring that it was easily understood and navigated by the user. 


Hello Divorce was converted into a user friendly app. For easier navigation, the content was broken down in such a way that the user is only presented with content specific to their use case. A dynamic checklist was added, allowing the user to see each step necessary to complete process, including what each step entails. A user dashboard was added and a third party form filler was integrated, allowing users to complete legal documents directly within the app.


This October, Hello Divorce won the 2019 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation!

The Challenge

Our initial work with Hello Divorce began with a sprint in which we conceptualized who Hello Divorces’s target users would be and the ways in which they could best be served. The sprint concluded with the creation of a product roadmap which Hello Divorce utilized to secure the funding to build out their initial wordpress website. However, being a static website, the wordpress site quickly became overly complicated, containing a great deal of information that was not easily accessible or navigable by the user, and was unable to scale with the business requirements.  

The Solution

In order to expand to a full robust version of the product that would be more easily navigable and user friendly, we decided to convert the current static website into a web app - Divorce Navigator 2.0. Our goal was to reuse and as much of the existing wordpress site content as possible, but to rework its organization and ux, making it more accessible and allowing the user to navigate and understand the process with ease. We wanted to guide the user through the process with ease, ensuring that they are receiving the right materiels and the right resources at the right time.

of the initial steps we took was to ensure that all of the content was broken down in such a way that the user would only be presented with items relevant to their specific use case. Within the divorce process an individual is either categorized as a petitioner or a respondent  and so, during the user's initial login, they are asked to identify which category they fall under. This allows the process to be broken down into user specific steps, ensuring they are only presented with forms and information specific to their goal

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In order to give the user a clear idea of the process ahead of them, we added a dynamic checklist to the Divorce Navigator. This checklist not only allows the user to immediately see every step they will need to complete in order to finish the process, they are also able to click on each item in the checklist to see what each step entails. We integrated a third party form filler into the Divorce Navigator so that, within each step, the user is able to fill out each legal form directly within the app, and then have the ability to print out the necessary documents to take to court.  Additionally, because the divorce process is somewhat non-linear, we added progress bars to act as a measure of success and a birds eye view, allowing the user to see how far along they are in the process.

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"I would recommend that you work with Yeti either if you are ready to level up your app, or if you are at the very beginning stages and you know what you want to get to consumers but you need a roadmap for getting there."

Erin Levine, CEO, Hello Divorce

"The Yeti Process is the main reason why I picked Yeti. Both Co-Founders, Tony and Rudy, have it down to a science."

Erin Levine, CEO, Hello Divorce


Divorce Navigator 2.0 recently launched successfully with very few hiccups. Erin Levine, the CEO of Hello Divorce, is thrilled that users are using the app exactly as she had intended - to assist them through the divorce process, and allow them to reach out to Hello Divorce should they need a little extra assistance along the way. Hello Divorce has received incredible feedback from both the legal industry and the wider audience.

This October, Hello Divorce won the 2019 Reisman Award for Legal Innovation!

To tie everything together we integrated a third part form filler into the divorce navigator. This allows the user to fill out each document and form directly within the app. They are then able to print each document and take them to court to be filed.

All of these features are included on the users dashboard, allowing the user to have a clear view of where they are in the process, and which steps they need to take next. Additionally, the dashboard contains links that allow the user to contact a lawyer or legal document assistant, should they find themselves in need of assistance.

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