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Living, Learning, and Working in 2020 with the Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just buzz; it’s big business. Connected technology initiatives are making waves at Microsoft, Dell, and SAP, but they’re also cropping up in unexpected everyday places like farmlands, basketball courts, and bicycle races. Before we know it, the IoT will manage our homes, tend our gardens, and even monitor our mailboxes.

In the near future, IoT products will be as ubiquitous as cell phones are today, so now’s the time to get involved. In this thought-provoking 20 page whitepaper, discover how the Internet of Things is poised to revolutionize how we live and interact with the world around us. You'll learn:

  • How businesses can position themselves to benefit from IoT trends
  • How IoT is profoundly impacting life in the home, in the classroom, on the farm, around town, and on the road
  • How the IoT will blur the lines between products and services
  • Predictions about where the Internet of Things will be by 2020
  • ...and more...
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