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Launch, Train, Support

When your product is ready for launch, we'll work with you to make sure the initial public launch goes off without a hitch! If it's time to hand off the product to your team, we offer training and consulting services to assist with this transition and we provide your team with the tools necessary for continued success.

Alex getting Paradata's developers up to speed on the project

Here's how we do it

Beta Testing

We keep testing right up to the end. We’ll share your product with a small audience of target users to make sure everything is running smoothly before launch.

Initial Launch

Leading up to an initial launch, we generally dedicate at least one sprint to package up the work we’ve done together, document processes, work with marketing and PR teams on assets, test scalability and set up important accounts.


We know that questions may arise post-launch, so our senior-level teams are available to consult with you on a strategic direction or other areas beyond product development needs. 


Our training programs are designed to get your developers up to speed and contributing to the project as quickly as possible. We offer two distinct programs that can be tailored to suit the needs of your project and your team.

Boot Camp

In this 3-week intensive program, we train and lecture junior developers on the technologies used in your project, giving them hands-on experience in the project's codebase with guidance from Yeti mentors.

Mentor Program

This 2-week program gets experienced developers quickly up to speed with the project's tech stack while pair programming with Yeti mentors on real programming tasks.

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